How to Set Caller Tune from Spotify: A Quick Guide


Setting your favorite song as your caller tune can add a personal touch to your phone calls. In this guide, we’ll walk you through the simple steps to set up a caller tune from Spotify.

Why Choose Spotify for Caller Tunes?

1. Extensive Music Library

Spotify boasts a vast collection of songs across genres, ensuring you find the perfect tune to reflect your style.

2. Personalization Options

Explore Spotify’s customization features to set specific parts of a song as your caller tune, making it unique and tailored to your taste.

Step-by-Step Guide

3. Open Spotify App

Begin by launching the Spotify app on your mobile device. Ensure your app is updated to access the latest features.

4. Search for Your Song

Use the search function to find the song you want as your caller tune. Browse through Spotify’s extensive library to discover hidden gems.

5. Select Song Options

Once you’ve found your desired song, tap on it to open the options menu. Look for the “Set as Caller Tune” or similar option.

6. Customize Caller Tune

Spotify allows you to choose the specific part of the song you want as your caller tune. Take advantage of this feature to make your tune stand out.

7. Confirm and Save

After customizing, confirm your selection and save the changes. Spotify will prompt you to confirm that you want to set the chosen tune as your caller tune.

Troubleshooting Tips

8. Check Caller Tune Compatibility

Ensure that your mobile carrier supports setting caller tunes through third-party apps like Spotify.

9. Update Spotify

Regularly update your Spotify app to access the latest features and ensure a seamless caller tune setup.


Setting a caller tune from Spotify is a fantastic way to personalize your phone experience. With its extensive music library and customization options, Spotify makes it easy for you to express your unique style through your ringtone.


Q1: Can I set a caller tune on Spotify for free?

Yes, setting a caller tune on Spotify is typically free, but be sure to check with your mobile carrier for any additional charges.

Q2: Are caller tunes available on all mobile devices?

Most modern smartphones support caller tunes, but it’s essential to verify compatibility with your specific device.

Q3: Can I change my caller tune frequently?

Yes, you can change your caller tune on Spotify as often as you like to keep things fresh and exciting.

Q4: What if the song I want is not available on Spotify?

If the song is not available on Spotify, you may need to consider an alternative song from their extensive library.

Q5: Do caller tunes work during international roaming?

Caller tunes may not work seamlessly during international roaming. Check with your mobile carrier for more information.

Setting a caller tune from Spotify is a breeze, allowing you to showcase your musical taste with every incoming call. Follow these simple steps to personalize your phone and make your calling experience more enjoyable.

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